Madoc Batcup

Madoc is the Managing Director and co-founder of Synaps Limited.  Madoc graduated with law degrees from Cambridge University and the Institut d'Études Européennes in Brussels and subsequently qualified as a barrister.  He spent many years working in investment banking with Swiss Bank Corporation (now part of UBS) in London and Japan.  He subsequently became an independent financial consultant, advising large institutional investment clients on a wide variety of assets, many of which involved innovative funding and financing structures.  

Madoc is chairman of Constructing Excellence's funding and finance group and was responsible for CE’s response to the UK government's call for evidence in respect of PFI in 2012.  Madoc is particularly interested in the way the finance sector can work with the construction, engineering and energy sectors to meet the funding and technical challenges that such companies face.  

Madoc speaks French, Welsh and Japanese as well as some German.

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